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Are You Tired of Having to Take the Stairs? Have an Elevator Installed Today!

Last updated 3 years ago

In an active multi-level home or busy office, taking the stairs to get from place to place can be a huge hassle. Not only does it get to be a little tiring after a while, but it can also cause you to experience leg and back pain, which are signs of overexertion. To save time and energy, consider installing a residential or commercial elevator in your DC-area home or business. Here’s a look at the benefits of having easy access to an elevator.

1. Quick and Easy Access

Whether you’re in a two-story home or a DC area sky-scraper, being able to access all parts of the building quickly and easily is important. In many cases, the stairs are not the most efficient means of access, especially if you’re carrying something heavy, walking with others, or have a long way to go up or down the stairs. Elevators solve all of these problems by taking the work out of reaching your destination—all you have to do is enjoy the ride!

2. Enhance Accessibility

DC-area public buildings are required to be accessible for all people, including those with disabilities. Installing an elevator can help you stay compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and make your building more comfortable to individuals who may not be able to make it up a flight of stairs. If you’re wheel-chair bound in a multi-level home, installing an elevator will help to make your home safely and quickly accessible.

3. Minimize Strain

Even the healthiest, most athletic people can get tired of using the stairs. For the rest of us, the strain associated with continued stair use can lead to injuries and pain in the legs and back. If you are constantly moving between levels and experience pain, then maybe elevators are a better, safer option.

For expert elevator services, including installation, inspection, and maintenance in the DC area, contact Apex Elevator today at (888) 903-5097.


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